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Drainage Ventilation Products from ByStudor

Drain It Plumb It provides effective drainage ventilation products from ByStudor.

  • Maxi-Filtra – a practical two-way vent for external drainage systems and septic tanks.
  • Studor Maxi-Vent™ AAV for External Installation
  • Combined AAV and Traps for Plumbing Ventilation
  • Maxi-Filtra Aluminium Covers
  • Maxi-Filtra Replacement Cartridges

Problems with residential, and some commercial, drainage ventilation systems can be generated by negative pressure within drainage branches (causing induced siphonage). This can result in toilet, kitchen and shower smells. Drainage ventilation systems incorporating the ByStudor products provide the necessary air requirements for the plumbing venting, avoiding the risk of losing the water trap seal and, thereby, eliminating drainage smells.

The Studor products increase the sustainability of the drainage ventilation without the need for roof or surface penetrations, and thereby improving the thermal integrity of the building, whilst also making substantial cost savings. Other drainage ventilation practices require the integrity of the building to be compromised through roof or surface penetrations to provide the same function.

Drain It Plumb It, Plumbing Supplies Hampshire

Here at Drain It Plumb It Supplies in Hampshire we source and supply plumbing products to the commercial sector and domestic residencies. We only sell products we actually have and that we would happily use in our own homes.

Drain It Plumb It Supplies has built its reputation on supplying the best products direct to your door. We use track & signed for postage to the UK & Internationally. This gives you, the customer, added security and customer satisfaction.

We don’t sell everything for the plumbing and drainage industry, but what we do sell, we sell with confidence.


Drain It Plumb It Only Sell Products That We Would Happily Use In Our Own Homes
Studor Improve Their Environmental Impact By Continually Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

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