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The ByStudor Trap Vent is a combined AAV and trap for plumbing ventilation under the basin.

The Trap-Vent Design & the Compact Trap-Vent, both produced ByStudor, is a combined trap with a 50mm water seal and an integral AAV. This is a replacement for your conventional S and P traps.

The Trap-Vent, protects the trap seal from negative pressures which can cause a standard trap to gurgle and lose its water barrier and allow harmful odours into the room.

If a negative pressure is active within the drainage basin pipework the clever AAV built into the Trap-Vent will open and break the vacuum.

The ByStudor Trap-Vent is height adjustable for fully flexible installation and integrating clever self-cleaning and is suitable for bathrooms and shower rooms, providing the ideal solution for venting of new builds as well as refurbishments or new en-suites.

There are 3 versions available of the Trap-Vent - the main structure of the units are the same throughout the range and the differences between them are laid out below.

COMPACT: The basic combined AAV and trap, provided in white Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Perhaps more suitable for applications where the trap will not be on show.

CLASSIC: A superior version of the COMPACT Trap-Vent with an outer white cladding, perfect for complementing white bathroom suites where the trap is on show.

DESIGN: An enhanced version of the CLASSIC Trap-Vent with the outer cladding in a polished chrome-plate finish, giving any plumbing installation a luxurious appearance.

Benefits and features of the ByStudor Trap-Vent:

  • Easily installed with no specialist skills required, saving overall installation costs.
  • Replaces extensive vent piping, saving costs in material and installation.
  • Highly styled, enabling installation in environments where aesthetics are of high importance.
  • Has a high grade of self-cleaning capacity.
  • Eliminates siphonage noise in the drainage system; 20dB noise reduction compared to conventional trap systems.
  • CE marked and AII rated to EN12380.
  • The ByStudor Trap-Vent fits all brands of UK 32mm plastic pipe with the components provided as standard.
  • An additional washer is available upon request for installation with chromed metal pipe - just contact us if required
  • The ByStudor Trap-Vent is also available for International pipe sizes as these differ due to the outside diameter of the International pipework. The International Trap-Vent has a 32mm inlet and a 32-40mm outlet.
  • Produced by Studor, the only specialist manufacturer of drainage ventilation products.

If you need further information about the ByStudor Trap-Vent range, please contact us.

For detailed product information, specifications and instruction sheets please go to the following web page:

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ByStudor Trap-Vent Classic (White Cladded)
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ByStudor Trap-Vent Design (Chrome Plated Cladded)

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