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Studor Maxi-Vent External Kit - Scroll Down to Purchase Online

This advanced External AAV protects the trap seals in the drainage system by allowing the intake of air, so a soil pipe can maintain the right level of pressure within the drainage system.

The Maxi-Vent is used with the aluminium cover for total protection of the drainage venting system and is the universal solution for venting the soil stack in any building internal or external.

The Maxi-Vent eliminates roof penetrations and can be used with the Trap-Vent to vent an entire building without the need for passive vents pipes (local building codes still apply). It is resistant to extreme temperatures.

Subject to being used with the aluminium insulating cap supplied, Studor guarantees the performance of the Maxi-Vent external AAV kit from -40°C to +60°C, which far exceeds the requirement of EN12380 for the AI rating (which is 'only' from -20°C).

The Maxi-Vent is very easy to install (110mm Pushfit) and it will decrease the amount of work and piping, you no longer need to penetrate the roof of a property or extend above the gutter level, It is favoured in residential homes, flats and commercial buildings of any height and its benefits lead to both cost and time savings.

The Maxi-Vent is discreet – it can be installed in the attic area, or even below the flood level of the highest connected branch. It can be installed outside the building when used in conjunction with the aluminium cover and polystyrene cap. The aluminium cover may be painted to blend with the surroundings.

If you have a requirement for both external Positive & Negative pressures to be dealt with within your drainage system, please then contact us for more information on a combination of External Maxi-Vent and Maxi-Filtra.

External Maxi-Vent & Maxi-Filtra for septic tanks (aluminium covers not shown on image). The Maxi-Vent external kit is a high functioning AAV with a Capacity of 32 litres/second at -250 Pa (10 Pa = 1mm water gauge).

As the Maxi-Vent prevents the release of foul odours, by using it for an outside installation on vent pipes protruding into areas such as roof terraces, it allows these areas to become an extension of the living space, it can also prevent extra drainage pipe work extending up the walls to high level or near a window.

If you need further information about the ByStudor Maxi-Vent please contact us.

For detailed product information, specifications and instruction sheets please go to the following web page:

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Studor Maxi-Vent External Kit
Studor Maxi-Vent External Kit

ByStudor Maxi-Vent External Kit


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