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Maxi-Filtra – a practical two-way vent for external drainage systems and septic tanks.

The ByStudor Maxi-Filtra is a compact two-way Vent for releasing slow positive pressure build up in external drainage pipework, especially septic tanks and sewage treatment plants (STP).

The ByStudor Maxi-Filtra is a sturdy, active carbon vent designed specifically for outdoor applications to eliminate bad odours produced by the drainage system in normal operation. It is ideal for use with septic tanks. Robust design means the ByStudor Maxi-Filtra can be used externally, either vertically or horizontally, and can be installed in hard-to-reach places. For added protection from UV, animals and weather extremes, we recommend the use of an aluminium cover with built in insulation. This can also be painted to colour match and blend with the surroundings.

The active carbon filter within the ByStudor Maxi-Filtra operates as a two-way vent, filtering air in both directions and absorbing the bad odours. The ByStudor Maxi-Filtra is packaged in a resilient exterior for longevity outside, together with an initial replaceable filter.

The ByStudor Maxi-Filtra should be installed if an existing vent presents an odour problem. Common Open vent areas that can cause smell & odour problems are:

  • Interceptor traps.
  • Septic tanks.
  • Grease separators.
  • Rain water tanks.
  • Sewage treatment plants.

Some of the exclusive benefits and features of the ByStudor Maxi-Filtra:

  • You can save money by eliminating the need for odour-reducing additives in septic tanks.
  • Easily retrofitted to existing installation to solve problems.
  • All ByStudor products have a simple push-fit connection to all brands of UK domestic soil pipe.
  • Contact Drain It Plumb It Supples for advice on International pipe guidance.
  • Designed to resist extreme temperatures and deterioration.
  • Low maintenance – The replaceable cartridge will last approximately 18-24months depending on usage; the ByStudor Maxi-Filtra cap simply lifts off for easy cartridge replacement.
If you need further information about the ByStudor Maxi-Filtra please contact us.

For detailed product information, specifications and instruction sheets please go to the following web page:

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ByStudor Maxi-Filtra
ByStudor Maxi-Filtra

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Maxi-Filtra Aluminium Cover
ByStudor Maxi-Filtra Aluminium Cover

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Maxi-Filtra Replacement Cartridge
By Studor Maxi-Filtra Replacement Cartridge

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ByStudor Maxi-Filtra Package
ByStudor Maxi-Filtra Package
(ByStudor Maxi-Filtra
& Additional Replacement Cartridge)

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ByStudor Maxi-Filtra Complete Package
ByStudor Maxi-Filtra Complete Package
(ByStudor Maxi-Filtra, Additional Replacement Cartridge
& ByStudor Maxi-Filtra Aluminium Cover)

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